Monday, July 28, 2008

Dark Knight REVIEW~

The film is much more darkerthan the last movie, and cooler at the same time. New gadgets, new plots....and the biggest of all.....the best villain of our times, the JOker made memorable by the late Heath Ledger. Yup, he is the reason why all crowd themselves at the theatre. Happy just gets better!

It can be termed as one of the best in recent superhero movies. It has its share of action, adventure, plots, and emotions which makes the movie a wonderful mix that we would love to see. There is a beautiful message hidden in the story too.

The prime attraction is ofcourse the wonderful potrayal of all time super-villains, the Joker. Heath Ledger has done it to more than perfection giving it an insanely brutal angle and look. Very sad that this great actor could not showcase his "best to come". Batman is again the sacrificing soul with playboyish reputation in real life. Bale has done his job. So has Ekhart as the attorney, turn badguy, and Caine as Batmans mentor. Maggie gylenhall as Batmans girlfriend didnt have much to act though her role was important.

The best features other than performances are surely its Hi tech action, the supercool gadgets, wonderful movie plot, cool dialouges and easy flow of narration. There were two scary instances when i jumped out of my seat, also many other when i had to clap.

Background music is awesomE!!!
...and so is the cinematography and stuff.

rATING 9.5/10

Monday, July 21, 2008

The movie had promised a full guarantee of youthfulness, fun and romance in the promos and ads and that is why I had gone to see the movie. Also because of A R Rahman too.....and backup Aamir Khan. The movie is what we have expected. Theres not much to the storyline, and by now everyone must be knowing what it is about. We just have to sit there in the theatre and just watch the 6 ppl gang have their fun and masti, liking them, and coming out loooking happy.

As all this indicates Jaane Tu is a fun-filled feel-good genre movie with a happy ending. It is the story of twoo friends who doesnt realise they are in love with each other until they are late, but late is never "too-late" for our cinemas. The treatment of the story is what delights our viewers. Its not about any rich spoilt boy, or a destitute who can afford a BMW or such stupid craps. Our hero os a down to earth person who would not even like to carry around a mobile. He gets dropped at home everyday on his frnds car though. The friendship they shared, esp. with Aditi is really cute. Their simple story actually catches our heart.

The first half is all fun. Lots of jokes comedy and events. The second half concentrated on the story and had a very out of the world climax, according to me. Many liked the climax they say, bcos it was funny anyway, but some think otherwise. The second half should have been what we say emotionally contained, and though this was supposedly a fun film, if it had been able to bring out a tear towards the end, it would have been more touching. But thats where the film misses out. The songs were a treat to your ears, and i am particularly disappointed that 3 songs were clearly missing in picturisation, and that "Kahi toh" should have been on a better occasion.

The characters of the movie has been real good. Imran has done a cute job and has proved he can do a colg boy role with ease. Genelia is more experienced, but is getting used to Hindi only now. She is a real treat to watch. So are the other guys in roles of their friends. Special roles like the brother of Aditi done by Smita patils son, and Nasurdeen Shah, as Imrans dead father speaking from the portrait were super cool characters. The Khans as the "Nikamme Rathods" do a good job and tickle a few ribs for u.

Overall though the film leaves u wanting at a few places, you ignore it as it makes u feel good.

rating 8/10