Monday, January 15, 2007

GURU Review!!!

I watched Guru. I can assure you its a great movie. The movie talks about a 'industrialist' in making. Mani ratnam is not making any judgements here , he is just telling a story. India many many years ago had its issues where only rich people got away with everything(happens now too but..) and all the rules and regulations were only for the middle class this stunted lot of people. Here in this movie he talks about a middle class boy who bends the rules for a bigger benefit for the public while making a lot of money himself typical of a buisness man. Its a great movie if you understand each scene and read betwen the lines. If you don't understand unless you are shouted at and dramatically told(like johars movies) then you might have to go a long way in life and face reality to understand mani's movies. Anyway about madhavans or vidya roles what can you say? I mean surely you dont expect one newspaper company to stop a growing industrialist?then how can you expect madhavan(role of shyam saxena) to succeed? Vidya had a role of a strong women but no women had astrong role but wasn't India that way during independence? Mani gave lot of respect for each character to each actress. Even mallika sherawat looked sensuous and not vulgar. The movie was about abhishek and he did a wonderful job. Mithun proved his calibre. Aishwarya can act contrary to her jealous critics. Arya babbar did well. All the credit goes to Mani as no one else could have brought out the talent out of each person

Every thing looked real and carried subtle unsaid words. Isn't life like that with lot of grey. Go for the movie! Its not everyday you come across realistic stories and watch a director who has a script and really 'directs'. Watch it also for the actors who have worked hard. And contemplate.


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