Friday, January 3, 2014

'Saving Mr. Banks' delivers a heartwarming story about the making of 'Mary Poppins'

'Mary Poppins', a popular American musical by the Disney Pictures, was immensely liked by the people and the Academy. But this film was almost not-made; And 'Saving Mr. Banks' tells you how Walt Disney convinced the author of the book, Pamela, (oh! I'm sorry) Mrs P.L.Traves, to agree to give the rights for the movie adaptation.

The movie is not just about the egos that Mrs.Traves had or the prowess Mr.Disney had, but it is about how two people connected to a story. While Mrs.Traves wrote about it, Walt Disney wanted the whole world to see it. The whole film is about their creative differences, and why Mrs. Traves thought that the reel adaptation was a bad idea, and what changed her. It is inter cut with a story of a irresponsible but loving father who is supposed to be the character to be saved, Mr. Banks, and his little daughter, which tells the viewers why it was important that 'Mary Poppins' was made right.

The performances i adored, especially Emma Thompson as Mrs. Traves. She clings
to her dear book with her life. Emma gave life to someone who is intentionally cautious and unintentionally funny at the same time. A performance i would like to be listed as a nominee at the least, at the Academy function. A winner from the performances, I, have seen this year surpassing my previous favourite Sandra Bullock for 'Gravity'. Tom hanks is equally funny and warm as 'the' Walt Disney. I wouldn't have lingered about his role, but for the exemplery performance towards the end where he convinces the lady to make the movie. A monologue that squeezes your heart, and makes you believe how convincing Walt had been.

Paul Giamatti as Mrs. Traves cab driver had a role that he could cherish. He puts his lovable face to the fore and wins your hearts (and also Mrs. Traves'). Colin Farell plays the irresponsible father, Mr. Banks, or who it represents in Mrs.Traves' life.

'Saving Mr. Banks' seemed an odd title for this story until you learn what it is all about. It is about the love for your creations and also for where the creations come from. A dream to show off something you make and show off exactly the same way that you feel, is a difficult task. But the joy, when it is fulfilled is something more than getting results.

'Saving Mr. Banks' achieves the task to convince audiences about the story behind the making of 'Mary Poppins' and justifies both Mrs. Traves and Walt Disney. But more than that it tells you why 'Mary Poppins' had to be made. I would say what 'Gravity' achieved in the area of visual compelling, 'Saving Mr. Banks' does with emotions. 

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