Sunday, September 28, 2014

'Gotham' pilot review

The 2014 fall TV premiere season has started and the newest and one of the most promising entrant in TV this year is 'Gotham'. It is based on the pre-life in the city of Gotham before Batman incarnates, as in the DC comics. The series had garnered a lot of attention after its announcement due to the huge success of yet another DC based TV show, the 'Arrow'. The pilot was premiered in San Diego Comic con too, where a few fans got the first glimpse of the forthcoming series.

The pilot was rated not so favorably then. Some people felt the series missed the charm of the other DC adaptations. Now as the pilot has been released to viewers, we can now see it for ourselves. The first impression for me was similar, but before you stop reading and concluding about the show, I would like to note that there could be a silver lining in the end. The episode races against time to establish its world. It starts with a couple (exactly a couple) of shots of the city Gotham, and rushes off to bring in the characters of the show. Before you know it, Bruce Wayne's most important turning point in life is over and done with, and there enters the main character of the show, Det. Gordon. Then comes Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Fish mooney, Gordon's partner Harvey, Alfred, and by the end all the characters have been not just established, but most of their origin stories have been completed. Yes, in just one episode.

Now the silver lining I was talking about was in the realization that what has been promised in the trailers and  other promotions have already been delivered. Now that leaves you with a season full of the 'unknown'. You thought this was all the season was about but, you have mistaken. Obviously now there has to be more, and each of these characters have more important roles to play; some will bring more menace, while some will save the city.

Back to the pilot, if the acting and writing were any indication for the future episodes, I would say without any doubt that this will be the single season of 'Gotham'. An episode that dashes to the finish line has writing so bad, that you could yawn in between certain scenes. The scene where Gordan tells little Wayne that he will capture the killer is one such moment. Gordon's love interest is equally lame, but of course she has secrets of her own(for the sake of the show). So is the background music. Too loud and unnecessary in most parts. For a show of this concept, why hasn't anybody felt concerned for some good music??? The show in great measures lack originality.

The show clearly indicates that it won't be focusing on Wayne or Batman at all. If it had, it wouldn't have messed up the scene where young Batman's parents are murdered. We would have seen why that moment was so life changing for Wayne. It would have touched upon the relation of his with his parents. The pilot doesn't do that, but I hope future episodes do. I have a feeling Det. Gordon wouldn't be able to carry the show on his own for long.

The acting side has also been terrible. The only saving grace according to me was Jada-Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney. Even if her lines were not good enough, she salvaged it from ruining her character. But the same cannot be said of any of the others. I look forward to more from Robin Taylor as Penguin, but bad writing can destroy him too.

But as I mentioned I am ready to give 'Gotham' another chance, and so waiting to get a peek on the next episode. Here it is, the trailer of episode 2 'Selina Kyle'.

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