Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dhoom 3 Trailer review

So, Yash Raj Films released their new trailer online on youtube just an hour ago, for which the ardent fans were eagerly waiting. Did they get what they came to see?

The first impression of the new trailer is actually good compared to the previous teasers which just introduced the characters. This is also an 2 min intro trailer for Aamir. Now we even know Aamir's name in the movie - Sahir, the clown thief. In the previous trailer where Aamir with his little motorcycle trick looked totally out of the place, has come out with a better image for his character in this one. He looks and behaves like a thief in here. The odd expression he does with his mouth while engaging in action scenes is very off putting, and it still continues. The baby look and charm that falls on the face, that expression being one factor why i believed earlier why Aamir was not cut out for this role. Imagine....Aamir not being cut out for any role? I always worried the makers would try to macho up Aamir, but luckily we can see thats not happening too much here. He is not going to be a John Abraham or Hrithik Roshan, but will come up with his own brand of action sequences. So looking forward to see what else is there in his kitty in this movie.

Katrina just comes on screen in what seems like a song, tries seducing Aamir and goes off. She works with Aamir in his circus company it seems. All we see of her is she doing some extra stretchy dance steps in white powder. Abhishek gets some dialouges in this trailer, but he looks exhausted, and the producers had the brains not to use too much of Uday Chopra, which actually saves the trailer. That duo is getting old. The may get their trailers in the coming days.

Some really inspired (from other hollywood movies) action and nail bitting fight sequences are in store for you. So why not watch and decide yourselves where you wanna be on Dec 20th. Enjoy the trailer.

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