Monday, October 28, 2013

Escape Plan is not the perfect prison break

When two of the most renowned action superstars come together in a movie, the expectations for the amount of 'BAM BAM' increases accordingly. Thats why movies like 'Expendables' are filled with those to the brink. But in a movie where guts can be of no use without brains, firepower doesn't really help. Maybe the two aging stars also decided that they want to do an action film without requiring them to do too much of jumping and crashing. So they came up with a prison break idea.
Escape plan treads on familiar storyline most of the times. An ex-lawyer(Sylvester Stallone) who now works for a security company breaks out of prisons for money, is invited to break out of a high security prison for the most dangerous criminals of US. He is unaware that he was being set up. Once inside, he gets to know that this is no prison of any ordinary kind, and his skills were of no use in there. Plus, he had to worry about the evil warden (Jim Caviezel). He then befriends an ex-software guy (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who has been put into the prison for some path breaking software that posed a security risk, and such stuff. Using Stallone's prison breaking skills, and Arnold's connection within, they make an Escape Plan.
Stallone and Schwarzenegger, have aged and little comes out from their faces emotionally. So only hard hitting punchlines, or blatant dialogs could actually tell you what the characters were feeling. The only relief there was Jim, whose villain character did seem to have a little potential. Plus, there is something so silently eerie about Jim Caviezel which worked in his favour.
The first half moves at a snails pace, trying to set up the scenario for the audience. Couple of times it was difficult to know what Stallone was saying with his mouth so scarcely moving at all. But the second half of the movie gathers some momentum, as the Escape plan is in place. But the script isn't all that brilliant to make the audience gasp with excitement.
The Escape plan might work for ardent Stallone-Schwarzenneger fans, but for the rest who wants a decent action thriller might feel wanting for more than what is given.

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