Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Oru Indian Pranayakatha review

'Oru indian Pranayakatha' or OIP is the latest creation from one of the most admired directors of Malayalam Cinema, Mr. Satyan Anthikad. Mr. Anthikad has been a familiar name around many of the family audiences, as his movies usually concentrate on the bonding and morality of kerala relationships and families. In OIP, he has struggled to create the same magic that he usually brings. Here he has tried something different, as this film is not situated in a house in a village as the central location. He has wandered a bit and used several locations, which is normally not his style.

An aspiring youth party member in a big political party looks forward to his standing in the elections as an MLA, but various politics inside his group foils his plan. Now he has to look forward to something else, and that is when he meets a lady documentary maker from Canada of Indian origin. Now hearing this we might think the movie is about politics and its satire, or about making  a documentary about our state and its experiences changes the protagonist. but nothing like that. the story is something else, and it starts only by the second half, and it is boring. What constitutes the first half is the directionless storyline with some comedy and establishment of the characters.Well, if i had seen a couple of his earlier movies, i could have compared those with OIP, but i can't. I feel so sad to see that Malayalam movies can't concentrate on one topic for the whole 2-2 and a half hours. The scripts are loaded with unnecessary subplots and plots itself as fillers. (Of course, there are exceptions.)

The major attraction (the only one) in this move is Fahadh Fazil. He is not the guy you saw in 'Amen', or '24 Katham', but a lit up energetic party member, with all the qualities and cunningness of the world. His mannerisms and presentation of the character is so unique, and funny. His performance and certain dialouges are the saving graces of this movie.

On the other hand, Amala Paul as the documentary maker is very disappointing. She is totally out of place in a Satyan Anthikad movie, which usually produces natural actors. She can't even sit expressionless without looking fake, and not interested in the happenings in the movie. I don't know why i felt she was a decent actress in her tamil movies, especially 'Kadhal Sodhapuvadhu Eppidi'.

There are a few songs also in this movie, that could irritate you, but maybe the majority won't find it disturbing. Innocent does a major role and he is funny in most of the scenes. As i mentioned the dialouges in the first half, with the satires is beautiful, and helps the storyline, but the writer seems to have forced the storyline in the second half, with nothing special coming out of it, except some loud bgms. And well its supposed to be a 'Pranayakatha'(love story), but since i have not mentioned about it anywhere you can understand how much 'Pranayam' (love) is there.

 I would give it a 2/5, only and only for Fahadh.

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