Sunday, December 22, 2013

Prisoners review

Prisoners directed by Denis Villeneuve, and featuring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhall, is one of those movies, which unravels slowly and takes you for a spin. Hugh Jackman plays a loving father, who finds his little girl kidnapped along with his neighbour's daughter. 

Jackman suspects a mentally unstable man behind all this and when he sees no action from the police, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Is he right about this man, is the question, isn't it?

This performance driven, suspense drama holds you back onto your seats till the very end of its 150 mins duration. Jack Hughman must have had academy nominations while doing this role, and so must have Jake Gyllenhall. Jack's countryside middle class father, who loves his family and god alike, and believes in punishing sinners. He is ruthless and paranoid at one point as he believes he is doing god's work. Jake on the other hand keeps his calm althrough the film, even as the character's personal life is in a turmoil. The neighbours played by Academy award nominee Viola Davis, and Terrence Howard, have a justified role to play. They play an alter ego to Jackman. While Maria Bello plays Jackman's wife. Paul Dano as the unstable man who is suspected of kidnapping the kids is a delight to watch. His quiet mumblings and unspoken mannerisms make him a worthy performer. Melissa Leo as his adopted parent has her own issues to fend to.

Denis' slow and intense treatment with too many emotional placements, work out in a way that the film looks to be too moody to be stated as a thriller. But we have seen slow investigative movies like 'Zodiac' and 'Insomnia', and therefore would find the patience to wait until the story works itself out. The tone and edit is very sombre as the theme of the film, and the film at no point feels the need to rush into any checkpoints soon. It brings in one character after another and keeps us guessing for the right answer. The film has already got rave reviews from the festival circles, and many of them were looking forward to seeing it in the big award nights. It's in line to get a nod for the Academy Awards too. 

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