Monday, March 10, 2014

Om Shanthi Ooshana review

By now, we have seen quite a formidable number of malayalam movies where the main characters are in first-person narration mode through out the film. This one too, though starts with Salim Kumar narrating in his typical 'Kath(ththth)a Presangam' style, has Nasriya interrupting him in within five minutes, asking him to let her tell her own story. She talks about how she was while growing up, what she thought of love, how she met her dream boy, and as the posters show how she 'vallachufy' the guy.

When you ask what exactly is the story, if the above line doesn't satisfy you, then all I can say is 'Entoro Ento'. But if you are OK with it, then you would be interested  to know what else drives this movie. Since youtube has given a fair advantage to short film makers, and the exceeding popularity of these kind of simply funny stuff, based on some lost love, or how girls dump guys, your college love, or similarly cliched short films gain lot of interest among youngsters, today's movies also shamelessly try to imitate these films. While a lot of the comedy which drives this movie is similarly based, and is funny too when you watch them, the sad part is it doesn't linger enough for us to rethink and laugh while you are sleepy in your classroom, or wandering on the road.

Nasriya as the main lead, is everything Nasriya should be and always has been. The bubbly, froward child with charms and innocence that us malayalees like. Has she been any different the whole movie would have bombed. Nivin Pauly on the other hand, shed his innocent face, and returns to his debut look in 'Malarvadi Arts Club', threatening people on the road who looks at girls. This extra macho guy with a sense of righteousness steals our heroines heart, and from then its her vain attempt to get this guy to love her back.

Nasriya's father character is an open minded Christian, who believes Christ died for everyone in this world, not just the Christians. He also records his own songs and listens to it. Don't know why I mentioned it. Actually don't know why the film mentions that because it doesn't come anywhere in the film again. But then there is the short film style impact I was talking about. Some random joke in narration that is not important to the story.  Aju as Nivin's old friend turned foe, is decent, but he has done much better roles before, especially in 'Thattathin Marayathu' which made me a fan of his.

There is VijayaRaghavan, Vineeth Srinivasan, Vinaya Prasad, some new girls, etc in small roles. Well, there is Lal Jose too, but why was he in that role is the question. Also it seemed too forced a role. Sometimes it bothers when you see the same people again and again in movies made under the same banner.

The movie is simple, and in some ways funny. But I have seen better attempts than this one, which banks on Nasriya to do their job. Well, watch it for her anyway. I know you will :P

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