Wednesday, March 12, 2014

'The Flash' displays his full costume

Since Grant Gustin appeared on the CW's hit series 'Arrow', based on the DC comics character the 'Green Arrow', as Barry Allen, there was an excitement in air about the new show CW was churning out. This new show will be fully based on the heroics of another one of DC's comic superheroes; 'The Flash'. Two episodes were dedicated to the establishment of this character in CW's TV world, where he disappeared after being hit by a lightning.

A few weeks later, CW came out with the first photograph that shows Gustin in the mask. The mask of 'The Flash'. Internet was buzz with talks about this new look, and there were many feedbacks given. Now another photo has been revealed which shows Gustin in his full attire. The one big long shot of 'The Flash'. Right below!

What do you think? This guy will be hitting your screens soon. So get ready for some super action.

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