Monday, April 7, 2014

Game of Thrones : Two Sword s04 e01 review


Finally, we are back at Westeros, and the fun has already begun. Starting with a beautifully edited recap, with the climax having Ned Starks head sliced with his sword, just leads us to the marvellous start this season has just made. The sword of Ned Stark is the beginning, and is the first sword as mentioned in the title. We see Tywin Lannister melting the blade to forge two new ones. He presents one to his favourite son, Jaime, but is clearly unhappy with the turn of events, where he got his sword hand severed (in the last season). The crowd favourite Tyrion is brought in very next, giving an impression, that he is there to stay.

This episode does bring in a load of new characters. To begin with, as the Dornish men marches in to attend Joffrey's wedding, they bring the hot headed brother of the king of Dorne, Oberyn Martell. Now he is not a big fan of the Lannisters and he is come with a heart for revenge. Along with him, the beautiful paramour of his, Ellaria Sand. As Tyrion puts it, "It means more trouble".

Danearys marches to Mereen with her huge army and her dragons. The dragons flutter and growl dangerously, as Danaerys wonders if she would be able to tame these beasts. Her romances with Daario Naharis continues, and we therfore get to see the man who has been recast. Well, lets say he is an upgrade.

Sansa is traumatized, and tries to hide away from the world, but meets a new friend. Shae is getting irritated with Tyrion, as he restricts her advances, and this reaches the enemies ears. Cersei is looking for chances to get the thing she loves most, Power, and Jon Snow faces a trial in front of the crows where he reveals Mance's attack plans.

The wildlings are gathering, and a new group has joined Tormund. Enter Thenns, and their leader the Magnar. Down south, the preparations for wedding is going on with grand enthusiasm. But not to forget, the hurt wolf, the little Arya riding with the Hound. They see a group of King's people vandalising an Inn, and one of them has got Arya's blade. Yes, the second blade in the title, The Needle. As they attack them, Arya grabs her blade back, and with cold eyes, and vengeance in her tongue, puts the blade through yet another name in her checklist.

Who was missing this episode was, Bran, Theon, Asha and the Stannis battalion, along with the two masterminds of King's landing, Littlefinger, and Varys. But you can see them coming soon. Watch the next episode's trailer.

Wait till next week,to carry on with their exciting journeys through Westeros.

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