Sunday, November 3, 2013

Planes Review : Old formulaic 'Cars' spin-off

Planes is an endearing crop-duster's tale about how he achieves something that he was not built for. Dusty is made for spraying fertilizers over thousand acres of farmland. He flies low, but dreams big. His dream is to participate in an highly competitive, across-the-world air rally, along with the finest racers from around the world. Even after repeatedly told by his friends, except Chug, about his flying capabilities, he wants to reach for the sky. That reminds me, he is afraid of heights too.

Trained under a retired US Navy jet named Skipper, Dusty learns a few things about racing and starts his adventure on the race course. Many other racers join him from all around the world. A hopeless romantic from Mexico, El Chupabra, an ambitious Indian, Ishani (dubbed by our very own Priyanka Chopra), a British Bulldog, and a canadian beauty, Rochelle. But his main competition was from the sly, wicked, three times champion, the RipSlinger. The race begins, and Dusty goes through a few hoops, and his fear of heights and emerges winner in the end, of the race and hearts.

The story is one we have been dumped with a million times over. It is the same formulaic underdog story, that ceases to get boring. Even if it does, nobody will stop telling. Dusty starts at a very bad last position at the start of the race, and wins by a nick in the end. Well, the director had in my mind that this is possibly a children's movie, and they are not really going to complain about a repetitive
underdog story. Parents who come in with them, will be more or less happy about the clean and moral entertainment too.

The animation of the film and dubbings have always been of great quality at the Disney's. The screenplay injects a few laughs here and there, but never anything that has not been seen before, especially in its original 'Cars' series. The character sketches are cute, but not ones that remain in your hearts. We still would want a flawed Steve Mcqueen, and his rusty friend back, though their second venture wasn't all that great. The main character Dusty, voiced by Dane Cook, was the usual simple, good-hearted, underdog, who would place others interest before his dream of winning. Its tiring to see the same old character stereotypes in Disney movies, which have garnered a reputation for itself over the years now.

The races are challenging, but we do not see too much in the script that helps us to believe in Dusty. The methods in which he wins races are not epic, or inspiring as it should be, or as it has been shown in 'Cars'.

Planes might be a familiar fun ride for those who are looking for a relaxing day with their kids. There is nothing new in the movie, but the fun of a Disney movie is still something you would barter for your kids. Planes is same as the Cars, minus the character development and even the race thrills.

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