Monday, November 11, 2013

Thor: The Dark world, is very much everything the first movie has been.

Thor 2 continues from the point where Loki is brought back to Asgard for imprisonment after his antics on Earth. It is then, an ancient 5000 year old conqueror arrives to destroy the light in the world. His weapon, an infinity gem called Esther. It spews darkness wherever it goes. The right time? When all the 9 realms align together in a straight formation. The whole universe will be swallowed by darkness and the one who can rule then is Malekith. Who could stop him now? Thor? Not without some assistance from his brother Loki, and down on earth from his sweetheart Jane.

Thor doesn’t disrupt its continuity in the tone, or action of its second instalment, nor does it try to change the mood set by its predecessors, which include the Avenger movie. Except maybe, the change in the cast who played Thor’s friend Frandall. Josh Dallas has a full time role in 'Once upon a Time' now. Chris Hemsworth retains his boyish charm and Thor is still called a ‘witless oaf’ though he saved our earth, twice. He has his father’s trust now that he has proved himself a hero, but Thor again decides to go against his father's directives, once Asgard is under attack from the forces of Malekith.
Jane has made her return after her absence in Avengers, but the writer needed her to be of some importance. So he made her the carrier of Esther, until Malekith could lay his hands upon it. Well, the logic part can wait. Natalie Portman is fun, exactly as she was in the previous movie, and this time she gets to see Asgard too. Anthony Hopkins as Odin gets to be on his throne again, while Rene Russo as the mother, gets a few stunts to perform as well. Stellan Skasgard as Eric is more eccentric than usual and he is the one on earth who could crack the 9 realms code, and the electromagnetic portals. So all in all, the characters retain whatever importance or role they had to perform in the previous film. The villain Malekith has precious powers, but he doesn't seem to be really powerful, nor as malicious as the Frost creatures in the previous movie. 

Well, Thor is incomplete without his brother Loki. Imprisoned in the unbreakable (not for Malekith’s Kurseds) Asgard prison, Loki learns the death of their mother and is devastated, and agrees to help Thor in destroying Esther and Malekith. We have now come to love our Anti-heroes so much, and same is the case here. There are moments where Tom Hiddleston takes away the thunder from Thor. 

The first half painfully lags in setting up the premise, but once the action gets going it is a fun ride. The efx and the huge art and graphics work does a impressionable job. Chances are there for them to appear on the red carpet for Oscars.  The final fight between Malekith and Thor on several planets through the electromagnetic portals was a hell of a ride. The movie deserves to be one of the marvel  hero flicks. The end features The Collector, who will play a part in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.

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