Thursday, November 14, 2013

'Suits' returns post Winter Olympics to finish Season 3

After completing 10 of their episodes in Summer 2013, 'Suits' and USA Network decided to give a break until newer episodes could be aired. All we know for now, is that 'Suits' will resume the mid-season after the Winter Olympics 2014, which will take place in Sochi, Russia, between 7th and 23rd of February. So late Feb, or early March could be a right guess, as USA Network has not given any specific dates for the premeire.

'Suits' is a drama based on a high profile lawyer, Harvey (Gabriel Macht)  in a major firm headed by the ambitious and beautiful Jessica, who relies heavily on Harvey. Harvey hires a non-graduated guy selling drugs, Mike (Patrick J Adams), who stumbles into his interview office accidentally, because of Mike's excellent memory skills. Now, the firm hires only graduates. That too, from Harvard. Harvey's colleague and rival at the firm, Louis is the one who they have to look out for.

At the end of the Summer's mid-season finale, a lot of interesting turnabouts had presented itself before the audience. Jessica names Harvey as a partner in the firm, Mike and his girlfriend Rachel argue over Rachel's Stanford admission, and Harvey's secretary Donna's affair with an English lawman ends terribly. The major case covered in the last ten episodes was the Hessington Oil case, for which the owner Eva Hessington was accused of bribery and murder. Harvey and his team, using various cunning and shrewd ways gets her out, but by then Eva is exhausted and fires the firm, and sues them for malpractices. Harvey and invites his old fire, Scottie, to join them in their firm after she helps him with the Hessington case. Louis sneaks into the Harvard alumni files, but couldn't find Mike's name anywhere. The mid season ended with such revelations.

Watch the trailer for the new episodes in the rest of the season here :

Here, we get to see Jessica confirming that the firm is now Pearson-Specter, ie hers and Harvey's joint firm. But seems like Scottie is upto something. We know she wanted her name in the previous firm of hers, which she lost because of the Hessington case. More battles spew up, as Louis comes up against Mike and Harvey...yet again. Mike is afraid of being exposed and towards the end we see Louis is really on to Mike's Harvard fraud. Harvey and Scottie seems to have renewed their relationship, but not without new problems.
Also in news, that Olympian Micheal Phelps will be featuring in the return of this season. No wonder, they are waiting for the Winter Olympics.

Lets cross our fingers and wait for the next 6 episodes to finish with a bang. Well Season 4 has been announced anyway for Summer 2014. So more is yet to come. Enjoy fans!

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